Chemo wins this time…

I feel like absolute and utter shit. Beside my ‘party night’ following chemo arvo, I have done nothing but sleep.

Ok, well Dr Hands did wake me on Friday morning for my pre chemo tablets, water, breakfast and coffee. Then I got up a sometime in the afternoon for all of about half an hour to see the future in laws who’d popped in. Up again at 6pm for Dr George to visit to stab me with the ‘day after chemo’ injection, have dinner and back to bed. What really annoyed me about Dr George’s visit was that he said I am not even to open the front door because of the icy cold winds that could get into my chest.

But I wanted to go to the Gluten Free expo today (Saturday)  😦 well that went out the window pretty quick. Beside the fact I couldn’t even get out of bed for more than half an hour. Sam did let me sleep until midday before feeding, drugging and watering me and mentioning I might need to pop into the shower before I went back to sleep.

The best thing about getting out of todays shower (beside smelling and feeling fresh and moisturised) was that Sam had changed all of the linen! Ok, none of it might not match but it is all clean and beautiful smelling and made for a lovely sleep.

Awake again for some dinner which was a tough task tonight. I opted for cheese and crackers. Sam was not at all happy with that choice but look who was…

IMG_0060 6

Yep, my Brady Boy absolutely loved my cheese and crackers. Not all of them, I did eat some but ugh, my stomach just doesn’t want any food.

What made me almost laugh my hemorrhoids out was Sams comments of me losing weight too quickly. Now, those of you who don’t know me, I am a pretty big girl. I have lost 5 kilos in about two months and I really dont think that is a fast weight loss but ya just gotta love his concern all the same. So Sam, Kelly, Brady and I all enjoyed some roast chicken, yes, a fair bit went to Brady from my side but I did eat some and will be heading back to bed soon.

Hopefully I wake up feeling AMAZING and can attend the gluten free expo…. fingers crossed.

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