SOWUI – Shopping Online While Under The Influence (of Alcohol)

I have this shocking habit of being able to read credit card numbers while drunk as a smelly skunk and buying things that I have no recollection off until either the goods arrive or I get a confirm email.

At work I received a 12 month subscription to The Womans Weekly that I had no idea I had purchased. I checked my credit card, invoice and what not and yes, it was purchased on a weekend. Sure sign of bubbles being involved.

There were FIVE pairs of shoes delivered another day. Oh thats right, I remember um, liking them, not buying five pairs but oh well, they’re cure and I love them and surely Sam will understand.

Once I received the ‘purchase confirmed’ a few days after the purchase, I scratched my bald head and kinda remembered liking a tree picture but liking and buying are sooooo totally different things apparently.

The good thing, that I thought, was ok thats fine….. Sam works all day and I get the all of the mail and deliveries before he even gets home. How big is 1 x Rainbow Tree 90x59cm Canvas Wall Art? Is it small enough for me to hide in a cupboard if it is horrible? I have no sense of size, I need people to show me with their hands. Oh, remember when I asked Steve Harrison to show me with his hands the size of a locker??? Those in the know will know what I am talking about… anyhoo

I kinda remember it being on a white canvas thing with a painted tree in multi colour. In my mind, it was absolutely gorgeous and I super duper hope my memory serves me well…. If my memory does serve me well, it is totally something Sam will hate but I will absolutely love. And it was so so so cheap!!!

Ooooh, I have a remedy of sorts, my fundraising money can pay for it. It was only $50.00 down from like a gazillion dollars which is a total bargain and I love it soooo much. And I loved it and normally, I wouldn’t buy something of such value because we are kinda poor at the minute but I remember, in my bubble haze, loving it so much.

Here is the shitty bit (for me). Sam was given 6 days leave as of today and I received an email today saying this canvas wall art thing has been dispatched. SHIT!

Maaaaybe one of my lovely peeps could say they bought it and had it sent to meeeee? Nah, that wont work because I am the biggest blabber mouth ever and when I start to tell Sam a lie I laugh and just tell the truth and I even laugh the whole way through the story. I can even picture myself telling him and almost word for word of this blog and he’ll stand in front of me with a straight face and me laughing and laughing.

I am not religious but please, pray for me…

Anyway, if he gets angry at me, I’ll remind me of the whole cancer and chemo and what not, that’ll break him down a bit. If it doesn’t, I’ll call my future mother in law and she’ll sort him out 🙂 Love my MIL xx

Wish me luck anyway.

I think it was like this but prettier and with a white background. In fact, it probably doesn’t look like this at all…..

colour tree

2 thoughts on “SOWUI – Shopping Online While Under The Influence (of Alcohol)

  1. At least you can blame your behavior on something. I sometimes go crazy with purchases (just did that today) and I am not on drugs or under the influence (alcohol). I hope all worked out OK which I suspect it did.


    1. I only ever seem to purchase something while drinking unless it is books. Then I shop shops shop to my hearts delight. All will work out ok because I have now told Sam that I bought this painting thing but am unable to show him what it looks like. I hope you love your sober purchases hehe


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