Blogging Challenge – 15 Random Facts About Me

I have loved reading other peoples 15 Random Facts and thought I’d jump on board. Will see how we go with random facts because so far, you all know so much about me, finding stuff you dont know could be interesting hehe.

*  When home alone, I don’t like any noise from TV’s or Radio’s. I like the quiet.

*  I didn’t really drink alcohol until my late 20’s and would often order a glass of milk or water when at pubs and clubs. I have well and truly made up for the lack of alcohol during that time…..

*  I had very white blonde hair as a little girl.

*  Speaking of hair, I have yet to have a grey hair and my hairdresser can back me up on that and I am in my 40’s!

*  I absolutely love my life (yes, even while going through this cancer)

*  My favourite colour is yellow because it is so bright and happy

*  When I have had a few or more sparkling wines, I love to curl up on the sofa with my ipod blasting music in my head

*  I wanted my sister to be called Pebbles when she was born, mum did not agree

*  I can and do and will always talk to anyone and know their life story in the first five minutes according to Sam

*  I attempted to join the police force of South Australia but failed the fitness test

*  I cry watching people win on game shows

*  There is no want or need within me to want to travel. I like where I am.

*  I hate going to the cinema to see a movie. In fact, it is very rare for me to actually want to sit down at home and watch a movie. Give me a book and I am happiest.

*  I once mentioned to my friend (we were in our late teens) that I had never seen a sultana tree. These thoughts have never stopped.

*  I have lived in over 20 houses

5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – 15 Random Facts About Me

  1. The Kid

    I can vouch for the movie thing, I dragged her I twilight when I got free tickets from target when I worked there. She was very uncomfortable and demanded an aisle seat (I suppose for a quick getaway!)

    However, give her a free gold class ticket and you won’t get turned down LOL

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