Day two post chemo #3

Well, woke up pretty crappy and even the two lovingly cooked, fresh out of the pan pancakes didn’t impress me but as Dr Hands had let me sleep until 10am, the least I could do was eat these pancakes, take my tablets and drink my water.

The day went ok from there but boy I felt flat and worn out. I walked outside to see what the day was bringing to me as Dr Hands had now gone grocery shopping and ended up chatting with Nurse John next door and it was fabulous. Sitting out in the fresh, cool air but with a bit of sunshine was just what I needed. The chat was great too. He is from England but I forgive him for that because he is pretty cool.

Later that morning, I was putting some garbage into the bin and Summer came over yelling out Amanda (when had my name changed from Damanda to Amanda I wonder), she ran down my drive way to give me a huge hug and asked me to watch her carefully walk up the big dirt mound over the road.

These all seem like everyday simple things but these are the things we take for granted. This morning when I was forcing down my pancakes with lemon and sugar, I couldn’t imagine talking or seeing anyone but these two conversations, really made my day.

When we are full of health, a chat with the neighbours is just a chat with neighbours. When we aren’t so full of health, feeling quite poorly and nauseas, neighbours knowing what you are going through, take the time for a cuddle and a chat and leave me feeling alive again.

Dont get me wrong, I have so many amazing things going on in my life with this cancer bizzo but it is the normality of things that really gets me smiling on the shitty days.

Tomorrow is Dr Hands and My 7th Year anniversary but we celebrated tonight knowing that tomorrow might not be so good. He says every year, how about we do no gifts this year?? And every year I say ok and he goes and gets me gorgeous gifts. This year I bought him a new wallet because his has no skin left on it. It looked bloody awful everytime he took it out of his pocket so I bought him on of those safety ones that can’t scan his cards whilst inside the wallet.

He, the man who every year says no gifts and always buys me a gift bought me half a kilo of king crab claws **insert orgasm sounds and homer drawls** and a pair of beautiful white gold diamond earrings. Yeah right, no gifts huh Dr Hands.

I am seriously the luckiest, most fortunate woman on the planet I am sure. I have a Sam aka Dr Hands, amazing daughter and family and friends and now new friends via blog and cancer and facebook. And let us not forget the amazing squares that Postie Ashley keeps delivering from my amazing old and new and unknown friends.

Life is pretty darn good even during the tough times.

Me and my beautiful new earrings and yep, that would be a glass of bubbles to celebrate, hence the red cheeks and chest hehe. Might be dipping into that value pack from the chemist tonight woot woot hehe

Photo on 4-07-2015 at 6.23 pm #2

2 thoughts on “Day two post chemo #3

  1. Doing normal things was very important to me as they made me forget about cancer. They also made me feel more like myself.

    And that was some pretty nice gift you got there! Congrats for having such wonderful support. xo


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