Chemo Number 3 is Done!

It doesn’t get any easier as each session passes and the next comes along. I was so nervous this morning and was feeling a bit nauseas. I even thought about calling in sick! The nurses thought that was quite funny at the thought of me calling in sick to chemo.

In any case, all went well as per usual. Sam answered all the questions for me, I can never remember what I have been through the previous three weeks. The days all just roll into one.

What made today even better was coming home to a sensationally clean house. Like, I mean, really really clean. Yep, my cleaner was back and had done another fantastic job. (Thanking that family of mine again!!).

So far, I am feeling all sterioded and Upped and fine. From memory, the previous two sessions saw me in bed pretty soon after getting home. Having said that, I haven’t eaten yet.

There was a little old lady having chemo next to me today and we were only separated by a curtain so I could listen to her conversations and the poor lady has so much difficulty eating that is often hospitalised for up to a week following her chemo. I felt so awful for her and seriously, that woman looked like a little bird, she was tiny and didn’t look like she could afford to skip a meal let alone lots of meals. Then I heard her ‘know it all’ daughter carry on to the nurse how she had cooked an amazing slow cooked lamb shank dish for dinner last night and her mother (the little bird) would have nothing to do with it. Well guess what daughter who ‘thinks’ she knows it all, if some one has difficulty swallowing (which is what the bird is struggling with as well as a loss of appetite), you would not serve them up lamb shanks! Geez, some people annoy me. If i could have given the bird some of my weight, I would have been more than happy to give her some.

Have I told you that I need an injection 24 hours after chemo every three weeks? Well, check out the price of it….


I think that is about it for now. I haven’t been around much lately due to some virus that has kept me sleeping and resting a lot. Hopefully I’ll have some energy back soon.

4 thoughts on “Chemo Number 3 is Done!

  1. For me the chemo side effects were cumulative and by chemo #4 of AC I was ready to stop. You are almost done, hang on tight!

    One of the things that made me sad was seeing others go through the same experience as me — all had a different situation and some were very noticeable. I hope that lady recovers smoothly. Tell her to chew on ice chips during her infusion so she develops no sores in her mouth (may be too late but it doesn’t hurt to tell her).

    Some caregivers have no idea about these things, I had a similar situation happen to me at home where I was served this huge plate of rice with meat while bleeding through my colon due to the severe constipation. I think some people aren’t good with research or just figuring out the obvious and part of that is because they are still in a shock mode. All the best for that lady and for you.

    That shot, ugh!! I remember it. I got the worse side effects from it – bone pains for 3 days. I hope you are tolerating it OK. It is very expensive here too.

    Feel better. Almost done!


    1. Thank you so much for your support through this all. You have been so wonderful and knowledgeable. I am indeed hanging in there and one of the nurses reminded me that if I had called in sick for thursdays appointment, it would just mean I would have to come in the following week. There is no escape 🙂

      I have been lucky to meet so many happy and positive people but this poor old lady I think is dominated by the daughter who likes the attention where as ‘mum’ just wants to get rid of the cancer and get on with life. Daughter was the one who shut the curtain between us and had no smiles or hellos. She didn’t seem like a very nice person. I do hope ‘mum’ gets through this well enough. I think her problem is simply lack of appetite and even dehydration.

      I am sorry you didn’t have great caregivers at times. I have been so very lucky to have Sam who understands what I wanted everyday last week is the last thing I want to see this week. He is very patient.

      The shot I have after chemo seems fine but it seems that the new drugs i get to start in six weeks will give me the bone pain.

      Thank you for your positive words. xx


    1. NAW what a lovely thing to say that you would really like me in person 🙂 that is so lovely. Say it out loud, I bloody would! No chemo would rock. But for me, it is to make sure there are no more little cancer bastards in my body 🙂 Nuke em I say 🙂

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