Ohhhh Ashley… stop hehehe

Dr Hands was out of Jacks and Cola. Me, for once, being the sober one offered to head down to what I call the chemist but what is in actual fact, the drive through bottle o’. I parked in the ‘browse’ section because that is what I am used to doing and I am glad I did.

Once I walked in I saw Ashley. You know Ashely….. the one who yelled out from his postal bike ‘what did you do to your head’ and ‘oh Amanda, you have a present!’

Well, he part times his work at the bottle shop and I love that.

I walked in and he says, Hey Shiney!! That is because I have no hair covering. It is mostly bald head with a bit of shadow of prickly hair at the back. We have a good laugh at it and he says, I’d be more embarrased heading out in those slippers that I would without a head covering hehe.

Then, I ask him to pick me up that carton of jacks and cola and then he says, no wonder you dont look like you are going through cancer/chemo by drinking this stuff! I try to explain it isn’t me that drinks it, it is Sam and he laughs, not believing me but I dont care because we have big laughs and giggles. This, this is what I love about living in a small town. My postie also serves me at the bottle shop 🙂

And, he laughs with me. He isn’t embarrassed by my baldish head. He laughs about spitting chips (I think it was chips) while laughing at one of my jokes.

Living in a small town has its advantages. I have read so much about the disadvantages about small towns but we are lucky here in Meadows. Everyone might know about everyone but boy can they laugh. Even my clean, Spanna Shanna is a laugh.

So, while I lapped up Ashleys lovely words about me looking and presenting well with my cancer, it made me realise that I am ok. I can look forward to a happy and long life once I am done with all of this horrid cancer bizzo. There will be a day soon when I am complaining about it being only Tuesday when I wish it was Friday.

Now is not the time for those wishes but between my sweet and funny Ashley (bottle shop person and Postie), gorgeous and nurturing neighbours, Dr Hands of course, Bossy and helpful cousins, My mama, and of course, that gorgeous and amazing daughter of mine, I am doing ok. I will deal with the feelings that some people describe as side effects, the endless days and nights sleeping off the feelings, I will be ok.

In the meantime, I will continue to fight cancer in MY way and soon enough, will be back at work doing what I love.

Thanks Ashley for making me laugh.

Thanks Mama for visiting today.

Thanks Kiddo for responding to my late night text messages

Thanks Brady for being my beautiful boy.

Thanks to Sam, MIL,FIL, SIL and all my gorgeous nieces and nephews.

My sister, brother in law, cousins. aunts and uncles, friends, friends of friends, mothers of friends etc.

Ok fine, Yes, I have had a few bubbles and am feeling the best I have all week and am loving everyone but geez, these days are far and few between.

Here is my photo of the day that makes me smile…. Brady with one of his most favourite toys…. a balloon!

IMG_0050 14

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