Here is a recent conversation between Dr Hands (aka Sam) and I. This is not an uncommon way that we communicate.

Sam: What are you eating?

Me: Cheese

Sam: What did the Nurse in the Oncology ward say NOT to eat?

Me: Cheese

Sam: So, why are you eating it?

Me: Um, Cheese….


6 thoughts on “Cheese.

    1. I am not sure to be honest why I was told not to consume ‘too much dairy’. She said to eat healthy and try to avoid dairy. I didn’t ask. I’ll ask next spa therapy on the 2nd of July

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      1. It is interesting because I was told to eat anything I could tolerate. That it was more important to get my nutrition during chemo. I was asked not to eat grapefruit and to avoid certain teas because of the liver enzymes (?) — the way the chemo gets processed by the liver.


      2. I was pretty much told to ‘eat as though you are suffering morning sickness’ which means the same, eat what you can tolerate but = try to avoid cheese/dairy. Nothing was said about grapefruit (which I dont eat anyway) or teas. I will make it my mission to find out why 🙂

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  1. I was curious about the cheese thing too. My question was if you were told to avoid dairy by the nurse because of the hormones/sugar/etc. I have heard so many opinions about all of that. My nurse had told me the same, but could never get a straight answer as to why.


    1. I am due back in Chemo on the 2nd of July and will ask the nurses then. I have the absolute worst memory ever. It hasn’t stopped me eating the odd piece of cheese here and there mind you.


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