Why? Why why why why…..!!!!!????

Why would someone build a house with cupboard so high that the fire department is required to be called in to reach something at the top.

Why would someone even think of putting something so high? How did HE even reach that high and why? Why would you put something so important, something required for my health and well being?

Have a look yourself and see if you can tell what I am talking about?! Excuse all of the exclamation marks today but I am bewildered right now…


I have put the pig on the bench which represents my height. Pig sits next to my lifeline, the coffee machine. Up there, in the corner, is the BAG OF COFFEE BEANS!!!!!! Who does this? I know Sam and I had a hand in the design of the house but at no time did I think anyone in their right mind would put coffee beans somewhere near SATURN! Call NASA because Adelaide, We Have a Problem.

Ok, maybe I am being a wee bit over dramatic because there were coffee beans in the coffee grinder but what if I had visitors? What if I needed double the amount of coffee than usual? Yeah well, you didn’t think of THAT did you Sam!!??

That is all.

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