What Summer Said….

Sorry for a double up of posts today but I had to tell you about my quick conversation with Summer today.

You remember my four year old friend Summer right? Well, she popped over today with a delivery of jumpers for me from her Nan and we had a bit of a chat, we played with Brady (big white dog) and it was almost time for her to go when she realised I wasn’t wearing Miss Fluff (fake boob).

She asks me where my boob is today? I explained I couldn’t be bothered with it and went without it.

Then she asks if she can have a quick look. I said, not today Summer and if you know Summer the way I do, she doesn’t take the NO very well so she had the hands on her hips, scowl on her face and said in a very matter of fact voice, Just a quick look please.

Show I gave her a quick and brief look.

‘You have a crack in you!’ was her comment.

My scar is now a crack.

Summer had quite the giggle about this and off she ran home.

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