Step Aside Cancer – Kelly Needs Me!

When Kelly and I first met, we didn’t hit it off very well. In fact, we had very little time or patience for each other. She figured that because she was in Sams life first, she deserved the majority of his attention. It was a battle that went on for quite some time. When I got up off the sofa, she would quickly take my spot, putting her ‘hands’ on Sams leg, letting me know that her love for him was so much better than my love for him. That Sam was HERS first.

IMG_0011 15

After time, Kelly and I became friends and now, our love is immeasurable. Lately she has been hurting but she doesn’t like to complain so once we realised exactly how bad she was, we whisked her off to her doctor to find out what was upsetting her. Turns out she has terrible yeast infections deep into each ear canal, spreading to her ear flaps. Surgery followed the next day and upon collection, Kelly came straight to me and rested her sore and sorry head into my lap, looking up at me with her super sad eyes.


There are going to be quite a few weeks of sad eyes from our girl as she has twice daily drops in each ear, creams and tablets. It is so hard when our furry ones are poorly but rest assured, Kelly will be getting even more cuddles and gentle scratches than usual.

Can’t wait until our girl is back to her smiling, happy self.

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