All Smiles Again

O. M. G.

I just had the biggest and loudest laugh!

Watching Max Music now and number 66 out of the 100 Best Music Videos was….

David Lee Roth – Just a Gigilo/Aint Got Nobody

I have loved this song forever but never have I seen the film clip. What a hoot! If I had had the energy, I would have been dancing along with him throughout the whole song. If you haven’t seen or heard the song, I say, get your ears around it soon because it is a good fun song, like the other one I was talking about yesterday but this one is from the 80’s.

Now, back to cleaning the mouse poop out from under the kitchen sink. Bet you wish you were me right now??

Oh wow, just before I was about to hit ‘publish’ – on comes another great one!

Number 64 is Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love

Remember this one? The women in black with the red lipstick and long legs…… today is turning out not so bad….

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