Five More Minutes……

I am terrible at being woken up. Always have been and always will be. If there is a chance to get another five minutes sleep, I’ll find it, beg for it and take it.

Imagine how poor Sam is going having to wake me constantly to drink, take tablets, eat etc. I just want five more minutes sleep please! But Amanda, you have been asleep for six hours, just get up for five minutes, have some water and tablets and then you can go back to sleep.

This is a daily conversation for Sam and I and I am only at day four post chemo. Yeah I know, I wrote Post Chemo Day 3 on my last post, lets just say that along with waking up, thinking isn’t a strong suit of mine right now.

Anyway, Sam and I knew that with him returning to work today, there would be the high possibility of me being in the same position in bed when he returned from work as when he left. This cancer fighting superhero stuff really does take it out of you so we came up with a great plan. Get me up before Sam goes to work to ensure I have eaten my breakfast, taken my tablets, had my water etc. Thats all well and good in theory but Sam wakes at 4am! Thankfully he didn’t wake me until 5am and I think I was so confused by everything, there was no argument for five minutes more. I was too stunned and just seemed to get up and out of bed obediently.

Of course I was back in bed as soon as my breakfast had been shoved down my throat. It really is hard to find an appetite at 5am but I know that if I don’t obey, I wont eat until Sam returns from work at about 2:30pm. Apparently that is not good for my fighting superhero powers so I shall continue to obey as much as I can.

Sam rang from work at about 10ish to instruct me to drink water and take tablets he had left next to the bed, told me he loved me and made me smile. Instead of rolling back over for more sleep, I got up and here I still am, an hour later, up and about.

Have had a little chat with my mate Summer across the road who I found putting a little handmade gift into my letterbox for me, have answered a few emails, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and had very in depth conversations with Brady and Kelly (My dogs).

So, what now? I don’t know to be honest. I don’t need to eat for a while. Have had my fill of water. The house is opened wide and bringing in beautiful fresh air, showing me blue skies through the windows…. how about I just enjoy the day.

This is the view from my backyard where I can sit and enjoy the world……

Featured image

Today I will stay awake a little longer, spend time in the sunshine with my dogs, maybe even try and finish that darn book by George Orwell 1984 and wait for my man to come home.

Side effects are as follows –

– nausea but only very mild and controlled by medication

– tingling scalp which isn’t really a side effect

– sneezing regularly. I am assuming my nose hairs are ready to fall out causing me to sneeze – am ready for that nose hair fur ball!

– headaches but like the nausea, mild. Having said that, I am taking tremadol for the headaches because I just couldn’t get rid of them with plain old panadol. The headaches are bearable with the tremadol but not without.

– tiredness of course, just five more minutes …..zzzzzzzzzz

12 thoughts on “Five More Minutes……

  1. Warning: did your oncologist ok the tramadol/Panadol? Mine said to take ibuprofen instead as the chemo is hard on your liver, and so are Tylenol/Panadol etc. just a thought!


    1. Accalia

      Her nurse told her to take the panadol lol. Funny how different medical professionals can have completely different opinions :S


    2. Accalia is right, the nurse said yes to Panadol with Endone but the GP gave me tramado because it lasts longer. Maybe I’ll just stick to water and see how I travel with that… Thanks for the heads up on that Ann.


      1. I’ve talked to breast cancer ladies in the U.S., the UK and Spain (where I am). It amazes me how different the care and recommendations are — surely that can’t be right?


  2. Tramadol is a very strong drug. I take it for a dry cough that doesn’t seem to be going away so easily. (Not cancer though, thank God!) They had me on it for like 3 months straight. I take it on and off every year for the cough.

    Always check with your Onco before taking any drugs, which I am sure you do.

    Also, be careful with certain herbs and teas! Some of them don’t interact with the chemo so well, making it ineffective (something to do with liver enzymes?). Also, stay away from grapefruit while on chemo.

    I hope today is a better day for you. Each day will be.

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  3. You are doing great! Take care and enjoy your 5 extra minutes! πŸ™‚ (I know it’s easy said but try not to worry about the hair coming out thing, it might hang around for a while yet. Mine lasted a whole 27 days before I cut it!)


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