Post Chemo Day 3

I think I have done very little since my 1st time having chemo. I have slept a lot but I have also done a wee bit of thinking.

One of these thoughts is hair loss. We all know it is going to happen when every doctor, oncologist and nurse tells you it WILL happy to you and I have also been fine about the idea. Who cares if I lose my hair, I am saving my life.

Well, what about my nose hairs? You know those little hairs up your nose?

My image is something like this. I inhale a big breath one night and wake up coughing up a big nose hair fur ball!

So, that is my main concern at the moment. I’ll let you know how I go with that.

As far as the side effects from chemo, there haven’t been too many. Obviously I am only at day three but I am so darn tired. All of the time. A persistent headache. Thirst.

My gorgeous mum came up today but I simply couldn’t say awake longer than about 2 and a half hours but it was so lovely to see her. Once I had gone to bed she had cleaned the floors of our home for me. I personally think she wanted to use my gorgeous new(ish) electrolux vacuum cleaner but boy, she did a great job.

So I have now been up for one hour (since Sam came home), I have been fed and watered and pilled and already I feel like I could go back to bed. I will curl up on the sofa for a while though.

Sam did the shopping list for post chemo today which included my gorgeous teddy bear hat because we are heading into Winter in Australia here so we are thinking I am going to be having a chilly head.

Baby Shampoo was also on the list for the bald head according to the oncology nurse.

Baby soap. No more pretty smelling fancy soap for my body for a while.

Mouth gel in case of mouth ulcers.

Hydralyte. These are in the freezer ready for the day when I find it hard to drink water. PS: no problems with that right now.

Water glass with Horn attached. We built quite a big house and I can’t yell out to Sam (not that I have found a need to) but now I have a horn loud enough to let even the neighbours know I might need a drink or some company.

Photo on 23-05-2015 at 6.20 pm #2

8 thoughts on “Post Chemo Day 3

  1. Oh god, those headaches! Yes, the nose hairs go, which is amazingly irritating! It gave me sinus trouble and nose bleeds. Also the eyebrows and eyelashes go!

    You might get a light cap to wear at night, as the baldy head gets cold at night, or at least mine did!

    I liked a bit of ginger ale at times, both for nausea and to clear the funky taste out. Sounds like you’re doing really well overall, though.

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    1. The sinus trouble was awful hey? It was really bad during chemo and then when I got home. The medication I take for strong sinus trouble at night gives me restless leg syndrome but it was one of the other. I took the sinus medication and felt much better in the head for it. My legs ached the whole next day though.

      I do have a lovely pink beanie for night time in case I get a bit chilly.

      Ah great idea on the ginger ale. I’ll get some ready. Thanks Ann xx


    1. I am so lucky to be able to listen to my body and rest when needed. I dont have any distractions beside that wonderful man of mine waking me to eat, drink, take tablets etc.

      I hope you didn’t wake to coughing up nose hair fur balls. I do look forward not having to shave my legs for a while though πŸ™‚

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  2. I lost my nose hair and it make me a bit uncomfortable. I also had sores in there. It doesn’t mean it will happen to you but if it does, it isn’t bad.

    For the mouth, I had Biotene tooth paste, gum and mouth wash. Good to use mouth wash after every meal to avoid bacteria. No mouth sores here.



    1. It is interesting that you had no mouth sores, thanks for the heads up on that. I have been brushing my teeth after every meal like the nurses told me too but will get onto the mouth wash as well.

      Rest I shall xx

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