Miss Fluff takes the night off


So, last night Dr Hands and I were invited to a lovely dinner party at the neighbours house and not only was I still hungover from the night before, I was also very tender in the bomb site from the boobectimy. The thought of putting Miss Fluff into the bra making me look like I had two boobs and having that on for the entire night, was not something I really wanted to deal with so I took a couple of panadol and took Miss Fluff out of my bra. Pheeeeeeeeyeeeeew! That felt amazing. I wore my special bra with the pockets but with nothing in the pockets! It meant that rightie wasn’t swinging around annoying me and getting my my way and my leftie wound didn’t have the pressure from Miss Fluff.

Dont get me wrong though, I adore Miss Fluff and she is as light as a feather really but every so often, my wound is sore and having the pressure from my bra which feels so much tighter with her in it just doesn’t work for me. So, I went out without Miss Fluff.

Once I had gotten ready for the night I asked Dr Hands if he could tell I wasn’t wearing Miss Fluff and he goes on about these people being our friends and they know what I have been through blah blah blah so I double checked myself in the mirror. I thought I’d dressed so well that you could barely even tell I was a one boober. I was so impressed that I asked Dr Hands to take a photo of me so I could show off to all of you how well I had done. So there you are, You can barely even tell!

As soon as we’d gotten to the dinner party, out I blurted, forgive my lack of Miss Fluff, was in too much pain for her tonight. So after all that work and effort to look like I had two beauties under my top, it was all for nothing because I am such a blabber mouth. Oh and get this, the ladies at the party (who Dr Hands refers to us as the Real Housewives of Meadows) claim to have NEVER had a boob hair. Whateva!



7 thoughts on “Miss Fluff takes the night off

  1. Lisa

    Hi everyone reading this blog, my name is Lisa, one of the real house wives of meadows, and that’s right I have never had a stray hair on either of my breasts, let’s put it out there, let’s see how many of us young ladies have or have had this little problem x x

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    1. Naw thanks Tamara. I felt pretty nice that night too. It is nice to dress up and feel ok. And anyway, I have to give my hair a few days/nights out before that too is gone πŸ™‚


  2. I had a lumpectomy with re-incision and I could not wear a bra for over a year – no joke. I was in pain all the time. And when I would take off my bra, my boob would just stay there, in the same position it was when it was inside my bra – all crooked. When physics would start to happen, that would cause me pain. Nothing felt better than to let them free!

    Very funny about the boob hair. I have a few. No shame here.


    1. I feel your pain! Wow, how awful for you to go through all that for a year! Is it wrong to have a giggle at your crooked boob? I am so lucky to be a part of the Real Housewives of Meadows and not have to wear a bra with Miss Fluff all the time.

      YAY! Love meeting a fellow boobhairess πŸ™‚

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