My Chemo Date is Revealed

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May 21st, 2015, 12:30pm. This will be session 1 for my chemotherapy.

My neighbour doesn’t like the word chemo and wants to use a new word for it. If you have any ideas, send them through and we’ll brain storm tomorrow over coffee to come up with a word she will be happier with.

Guess what I worked out a week ago, the most annoying boob of the two is the one who was taken. You know that pesky hair or two we all have on a boob? Well sucked in leftie, you had the hair and you can no longer annoy me anymore with that hair. And don’t you ladies pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. There is usually that one chin hair and one boob hair, both of which get really annoying as you age because they are harder to pluck due to failing eyesight! Well, one hair down. Now, I hope I don’t get chin cancer because I can deal with that one. Having said all that, there wont be many hair problems for me for a while anyway.

On a puppy dog note, Kelly is getting better on her antibiotics and her cough is reducing. Brady doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of having this Kennel Cough so there’s a bit of good news for my babies.

Remember the conversation I had with my Granny because I wanted her to knit me a square so I could have a piece of my Granny to take to chemo with me? Well, here it is and I Love it! Pictured with it are the lovely crystals sent to me from my  cousins Kelly and Sherri. People have been so generous and kind.

8 thoughts on “My Chemo Date is Revealed

    1. Hi Ann, I am having the EC every three weeks for four cycles. Then after the heart pool scan I’ll have TH every three weeks for four cycles. Somewhere in amongst this I’ll have taxotere or taxol, or maybe thats the TH bit. Anyhoo, after those 8 cycles (6 months) I’ll have six weeks of XRT (sounds like a brand of car). I think I have that all correct. He did say i’d have a year of hormone therapy for the HER2 but that wont start until after the first lot of chemo.


      1. Ah, ok. EC is the same as AC, which I had — both are members of the same drug family. I had 4 cycles, too, every 3 weeks — exactly the same as you, and pretty standard.

        The TH, I think, is either Taxol/Taxotere, then H for Herceptin (Herceptin is for the HER2 treatment). I had taxol, a friend here had Taxotere. Again, those two are from the same drug family, but both are very effective!

        What is XRT, is that some kind of radiation therapy?

        All good fun, eh? Are you having a portacath put in for drug delivery? I’d highly recommend it, saves your poor veins!


      2. Wow you know your drugs hey? hehe. I am not sure what the XRT is, but you might be right in it being the radiation therapy because I am booked in for that after the chemo. My surgeon doesn’t like the idea of a port being put in unless totally needed. I really thought he’d be for it but it is veins for the time being. I dont imagine it’ll last because now I am down to one arm, sometimes the nurses are struggling to find a vein. Will see how I go. xx


  1. Hahaha!! Ok, I have just revealed I too have a boob hair that annoys me. It’s OK though – I hide nothing these days. I have lost all shame after cancer.

    I had the AC/T regimen for my “chemical romance” which is how I called it.

    Need any tips for chemo? You can email me at There are a few things that may help reduce some of the side effects. But there is also a possibility you will not get them.

    Good luck! You will do great.


    1. Thank you for your comment and one does tend to loose inhibitions once cancer comes along. It is strange to me that not everyone is going to look down my top as they do in hospital. I got so used to people looking at the wound site that I became almost offended if someone didn’t look at it haha. Oh I do like your name for chemo, that is cool! Thank you for the offer to help me through my ‘internal spa treatment’. Will see how I go after the 1st one on thursday ….

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  2. I’m still waiting to hear regarding my oncotype tests. I postponed chemo and any other crap until June. The oncologist is fine with my wanting to wait. I want this month to be “normal”_ha ha and celebrate my husbands birthday. Good luck with your chemo.

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