Having Cancer is soooo Boring

I am feeling so out of sorts these days and I can’t really work out why and don’t give me the answer that it might well be because I have stage 3 breast cancer and only one breast left.

These feelings are weird though because I had a sensational weekend. My lovely sister and family came over from Perth to surprise Mum for mothers day (which worked because she was so very surprised), I was absolutely and utterly spoilt rotten by my daughter and her girlfriend with beautiful gifts, flowers from my mum and a wonderful care package from my sister. Bubbles and a huge lunch with all of the people just mentioned and Sams mum and Michael came over, John and Clare also popped in. It was a house of noise and fun and laughter and bubbles.

So, why am I so all over the place? I can’t stay awake long enough to read my book and yes, am still tacking 1984 by George Orwell but finally, am interested in it.

Our poor girl Kelly (Staffy x Bull Mastiff) has kennel cough that my darling Brady boy must have bought home from the grooming salon. Mind you, Brady isn’t unwell at all, only Kelly.

Sam has been unwell and he is never unwell so for him to take time off work and go to the doctors tells me that yep, he really is sick. Maybe I have the virus thingy from our flu shot like the doctor told Sam. Apparently a few people have been struck down with this virus from having this years flu injection. I don’t care if I have the virus because seriously, it is so much better than having the flu.

Anyway, I don’t know what is up with me. If I am not sleeping, I am scrolling through facebook in total boredom. Maybe it is because I haven’t had this much time off work for forever. My brain isn’t being used. My body isn’t being used either. Oh and get this, Auntie Flo is back! Already! Surely it hasn’t been four weeks already has it? Actually, it might have been. I can not be bothered going back over the blogs so we’ll just wonder…..

I took Brady for a walk this arvo at about 3:30pm (when I had gotten out of bed after my second sleep of the day) and boy it was cold. I am talking icy cold. You know how people have ice cold showers or walk up icy mountains and talk about it being absolutely and amazingly invigorating…. yeah well, I don’t get that because I was cold and shivering and all I wanted was to be back home and in front of the combustion fire with our sick Kelly.

Onto cancer news, my fake boob is growing again so that means I get to go and see Mr James Kollias again and have my 22 or so big needled syringes be shoved into the wound to suck it all out. I am seeing my oncologist on Thursday. Other than that, I shall continue to heal from what everyone keeps reminding me is major surgery.

I’ll be honest though, it is all a little sore at the moment but I guess that is because the fluid is building up again in the wound area. I am also getting itchy which, as they say, is a part of the healing process. I have those dis solvable stitches but if they don’t dissolve some day soon, I’ll pull the bloody things out myself.

One thing I really must remember to do in the next day or two is visit the dentist. Apparently this is an absolute MUST to do before chemo or radiotherapy because a lot of damage can be done to your mouth through chemo. People have lost teeth from having chemo so I need to get my little choppers looked at. Yay, another expense we just dont need.

Today I permit you all to call me Debbie Downer xx

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