Using the C word ……

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Ok ok, settle down, Not THAT C word, the other one… Cancer.

Turns out my C word opens doors. Not that I am actually using it as such but it just seems, when it comes up into conversation, everything changes.

Take my new doctor for instance. I have a sensational doctor as I have mentioned before who is 62 or 63 kilometers away from me so I have taken to going to this new doctor who is at the end of the street from my house. During my conversation, I dropped the C word by mentioning I have breast cancer and wouldn’t you know it, I don’t need to make an appointment to see him EVER. If I need medication, my wound looked at, or what ever, I am to just pop on down and he’ll see me between patients.

If you are a patient of this surgery and are unimpressed with this service, I promise you, I’ll never take up too much time ok.

My next success C word story is with telstra. When we moved into our newly built house we weren’t able to have a home phone or NBN broadband because it hadn’t been completed. So, now the NBN (Fast internet cable thingy) is available so I phoned telstra and told them just what I wanted.

I was told that the wait time for this would be 30 to 45 days. Shit. I advised my lovely overseas person that as I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and unable to work, the internet was my outlet, a need, and my form of communication.

Blow me down with a feather, Telstra will be here Monday week. I have become high priority because I have Cancer. My case worker was amazing. His name was Herbert which I loved. Great name.

Granted, I do need to fill in a ‘proof of priority’ but I am pretty sure I have enough documentation around the house to provide more than enough proof but I was pretty happy to be pushed up the list.

When I told mum that Cancer opens doors for me she was absolutely mortified but I am sure there will be one of two people that will think it is cool. Having cancer sucks, no doubt about that but it is nice to have something special given to make life a wee bit easier.

So now, I walk around saying the C word to everyone! hehe, Not really but as I said, it has come in handy from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Using the C word ……

  1. There are a few up sides! It also means you also have the perfect excuse for getting out of activities you don’t want to do! Just one look at the scarf on your head, and everyone’s a friend. 😉

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