So Long Sucker!

Yep, Drippy has gone. Oh the joy I felt when they slipped that tube out of my body was amazing and I just wanted to hug my Super Nurse Jill. Well, actually, we did hug. Once she had taken that annoying thing out, taped my dressings up so I can have a shower (A shower!!), she hugged me. Seriously, these nurses are absolutely amazing people. They go so beyond the call of duty. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a big hugger, it isn’t my favourite thing to do but hugging Nurse Jill was perfect, she is perfect and she deserves a wee medal for what she does and how she makes people feel.

Speaking of nurses, my day nurse Lisa was the one to take me to my hospital appointment (thank you so much!) and we then enjoyed a lovely scenic drive and by the time we got back to our houses, I felt so amazingly relaxed and happy. While I was gone, day nurse Lisa’s lovely hubby who we call Poppy had installed my ceiling fan!! Perfect timing and such a wonderful and generous thing to do so thanks Poppy! You are a gem. My good friend Summer had been here helping Poppy with the ceiling fan installation and TV antenna bizzo but she had gone by the time I got home. She was off dancing with the girl next door. Summer can be so fickle somedays!

Another wonderful thing happened today, I went to lunch with my amazing friend of over 30 years.Trace and I have one of those friendships were we can and do go months without speaking, maybe the occasional text message my be sent but time passes by so fast. Once we manage to find that moment to catch up for a dinner or lunch or drinks, it is like time has stood still, we just pick up where we left off and I love that. Our lunch consisted of chatting over a gluten free cheese burger and fries at Miss Perez in Stirling, laughing, remembering times passed and future plans and dreams and planning journeys between chemotherapy treatments.

It is no wonder that by the time I got back home I had a smile from ear to ear.

What I loved about today is it was fun. It was normal. I spent the day being chauffeured around by my friends, chatting and laughing and taking in the simple beauty of the day. Oh, and I took Miss Fluff out and she behaved. She stayed right where she was meant to stay and looked just like a boob. What I don’t love is Sam’s comment a few days ago asking how I got it to droop just like the other one! Grrr.

Oh, back to the drain that had been removed, please be advised it was absolutely painless. So if you have a drain in or about to get one in after your surgery, don’t worry about the removal, it is a piece of cake. And if you are in Adelaide, call for my wonderful breast care nurse Jill, she’ll look after you 🙂

I am still struggling a bit to sleep at night but I am getting to bed earlier than the previous 3am time. I do have sleeping tablets but they dont seem to work very well. I always wonder where they base their doses on because a skinny person might only need 1 or 2 sleeping tablets but I am far from skinny so shouldn’t I be needing more? I might ask my doctor when I see him next.

Thank you so much to everyone for their advice and in some cases, very descriptive and fun explanations on how to get my bowels moving after the surgery and pain killers. I chose Mia’s dad’s remedy of senna and coloxal. Two of those before bed and all is well with the world the next day 🙂 I do feel that I could probably skip dinner some nights with the amount of tablets I am taking but I am not needing as many of the strong pain killers anymore. I still use that magnificent breast pillow because the swelling under my arm is huge (but normal apparently) and that pillow just really takes the edge off.

2 thoughts on “So Long Sucker!

  1. Mumma Mia

    Hahahahaha I’m ever so glad I could provide some advice on pooping!! Gotta be some perk of having a dad and brother who are completely accident prone and therefore know all the tricks to counteracts all of the side effects of pretty much every opiate and drug used post surgery!!! Yay!!!


  2. Lesley

    Senna and colloxyll. After chemo round 1 I was terribly bound up. They had been giving me the colloxyll and senna in St Andrews. 2 with every meal i thought. I was too desperate to read any bottle.

    It was the morning, so I took 3 straight up. Then 2 more for lunch and 2 for dinner . Total of 7 for the day. Well, i pooped. I didn’t stop for 5 days. And in between my stomach spasmed in rolling visible waves….


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