My Friend Summer

Sam and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to build a beautiful new home and we received the keys to this home on the 19th of December 2014. We had been living in the area for a few years in a rental house but I had yet to make any friends because I just wasn’t around the town enough to meet anyone. Working full time saw me often leave in the dark and return home in the dark. We didn’t go to the local football matches or cricket games and didn’t frequent the local pub beside the drive through. Yeah, I knew the guy at the bottle shop drive through pretty well.

Once we had our new home, we made many wonderful new friends and one of these new friends is Summer. She is pretty cool and often helped us keep up with our garden maintenance because she knew we just didn’t have time to get to it some days. She’d come over and water it wonderfully. She would always take the time to have a chat, she didn’t often invade the inside space of our home in the early days and I think that was to make sure she wasn’t pushing her friendship onto us too quickly.

She’d seen Sam building some raised vegetable gardens one day in the garage and she dropped what ever it was she was doing and came over to give him a hand. She must have known that sometimes you just need that extra person to build something like this.

Today, Summer came over for a chat because she knew I had recently had surgery and was home recovering.

I should mention, Summer is 4 and had just come home from kindy so she was a bit tired today but still took the time to come over see how I was. We chatted about general things and we then got out the colouring books and pencils. I was helping Sam at the time and Summer helped us before getting back to her colouring. Once Sam was no where to be seen, Summer asked how my boob was. Her words “is your boob sore?”. I said yeah, its still a bit sore but it is getting better. Summer follows this with, “the doctor cut your boob off didn’t he? But he put a band-aid on it so that will help it get better”. I just nodded because that was quite a bit of information but it certainly saved me having to explain it. Then came this question,

Summer: “Damanda (this is her name for me), can I have a look at your sore boob?”

Me: “Hmm I am not sure Summer, it isn’t a very nice thing to look at”.

Summer: “Damanda, I really would like to see it please.”

So I agreed. She already knew the boob had been ‘cut off’ so I couldn’t see what argument I could use that would satisfy her so I pulled up my top for her. She looked at it and then became a little confused.

Summer: “Where is your little boob Damanda?”

Me: “Um, what do you mean Summer? What is a little boob?”

Summer: “You know, the little boob… where is it Damanda? Where is your little boob?”

I was getting quite confused and Summer was getting quite frustrated with me. Summer is absolutely hilarious when she gets a bit cranky and has a very serious frown and she has her hands on her hips, she gets a stare as well that would break many a hardened person. So, as she can’t seem to explain what a little boob is, she shows me on herself. She promptly lifts up her top and points to her nipple and says, “This is a little boob Damanda, where is yours?”

So, I tell her that the doctor cut that off with my boob because it was sick and she is more concerned I don’t have a little boob than the fact my entire boob is gone and I am covered in bandages and I have a bloody tube coming out of my body! Geez, some friend she is turning out to be…

She then gets distracted because Sam comes back and is trying to get the antenna to pick up all of the chanels on the TV and Summer asks him to just get the kids chanel on please. On go the cartoons and I have a rest from talking about my sick boob.

Then, Sam is gone again and Summer has come up with some more questions and this time, she asks if she can see my other boob. I advised that I didn’t think that was very appropriate to be showing her my other boob and she says, not your real one but the soft one. Oh, she wants to see Miss Fluff. Her Nana has told her a lot about this situation I am in and I am glad for it because she is all over this and needs to know it all. Summer is one of those kids you can’t just brush off with a half hearted answer. She’ll catch you out and grill you.

As we start walking toward the bedroom I explain the other boob is a fake one and she starts pointing out all the fake things in my house like some pig statues are fake, my dog door stop is fake and we get to my bra and I pull out Miss Fluff. She isn’t very impressed with it and walks out.

Summer plonked on the couch and had one more question, where is my boob and little boob that the doctor cut off. I said they were in the bin. She accepted this answer and went on to watch the cartoons.

Oh, and get this! Summer says to me that her feet are cold and I told her that there is a blanket right next to her and to pop that on her feet. Here is her reply,

“I am not using that blanket, that is the dogs blanket!” There is a fair bit of disgust in her tone.

I tell her that it is not the dogs blanket but in fact, is mine and her response…

“Well, it smells like the dogs blanket!”

So, according to Summer, I am now the boobless lady with no little boob who lives across the road who’s blankets smell like the dogs.

I think I need new friends hehe

Just one more thing…..DRIPPY COMES OUT TOMORROW!! Yipppeeeeee **does a little dance**

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