I Sprung a Leak!

Yep, you read it right. Drippy is still here. Apparently, I am still draining too much for the drain to be taken out so I shall continue to walk around with the ‘handbag’ over my arm carrying my drip bottle around for a day or two longer.

Lets talk about last night.

Have you ever plugged your mobile phone in to charge, had a chat on said phone and tried to walk off still attached to the charger? Well, I did something very similar to this last night except there were no mobile phones or chargers involved. It was drippy.

Let me explain drippy in more detail. I have a tube which has been inserted into my body to collect the gunky gooey stuff that collects in the wound of where my cancer was taken out. The tube is quite long and is attached on the other end to a plastic bottle where the gooey yucky stuff goes. This plastic bottle resides in a pretty floral handbag which I hang on my shoulder when I am up and about. I ‘tuck’ the cord into the bag so I don’t get caught on door handles or dog heads and things like that.

Come bed time, I lay the bag next to the bed and pull the cord out of the bag so I can roll around and not be too restricted. I then get my breast pillow which, like the handbag with the drip thing in it, goes over my shoulder and the pillow part goes under my arm to rest on the wounded area.

As you can see, it takes quite a lot of planning to organise all my bits and pieces at bed time. So, imagine the drama I face when I need to get up through the night to wee. I can’t blame having been fast asleep and disorientated on the part I am about to tell you but I am going to go with, Endone. I must have been endoned out of my head or something?

I got out of bed, walked through my walk in robe, into the ensuite and felt a bit of a ‘pull’ under my arm where there are wounds and dressings from the boobectimy and lymph node removal and I thought the feeling was just the dressings moving with my movements so I took one more step toward the toilet and I felt and heard a ‘pop’. O. M. G. I have broken something! I was absolutely terrified to even look and see what I might have done but look I did. I noticed that where the drain goes into my body and under the clear tape there was now a liquid circle.Yup, it looks like I have broken it. It is 2am and I have sprung a leak!

Sam woke and looked but didn’t think there was anything wrong and I said I was going to ring one of my nurse neighbours because I knew she was awake. She comes over lickity split and checks the wound and yep, I had pulled it out a smidge but she explained the tube was nice and long and still in my body and whilst there was a little leak, it was all packed well and I was just fine.

Thank goodness for my medical people. Dr Hands (Sam), Night Nurse Clare (next door), Day Nurse Lisa (across the road) and of course the good people of St Andrews Hospital. I wont be cross at them for making me keep drippy for a little longer. They know their stuff I’m sure.

PS: I bought some stuff for pooping, wish me luck

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