I’m Home …….

How lovely is it to come home. Weather it be a night after a long day at work, a lovely holiday or like me, a guest stay at St Andrews Hospital, nothing beats coming home. I dont even care that I still have one tube left draining the wound who I call ‘drippy’ (YUK, it even makes me cringe writing it and I have it in there).

There are a few differences from the hospital to home and the first differences are the mirrors. The hospital mirror was small and short so visuals were not quite honest. Not that I spent much time in front of the hospital mirror naked mind you. Home though, I have one of those MASSIVE mirrors in my ensuite that leave nothing to the imagination from my waist upward. It is all there and let me tell you who I saw. Rightie! Well, I could only just see Rightie because gravity is taking over. It is a like a super force trying to pull poor Rightie away and Rightie isn’t fighting the big fight. You see, I have been a wee bit tender in the area that Leftie used to live so Berlei + Miss Fluff have been draw ridden and unused and Gravity has moved in. Gravity was on the mission to take rightie but I just cant understand why Rightie isn’t fighting back.

What worries me is that what would have happened if I had elected to stay in hospital while drippy was still there? My surgeon says drippy wont come out until Monday and had I not come home and seen Righties prediciment, it might have been too late. I might have gotten up Monday morning and tripped over Rightie!

I had been so concerned about Lefties scars and drippys insertions that my Berlei Bra and Miss Fluff took a back seat to allow that area to heal and I didn’t think it was important to be wearing them until necessary. No one told me of the impact on Rightie from not wearing the boulder/fluff holder. I should have put her in a sling, like the one a person with a broken arm would wear or something.

In any case, I’ll be mindful each morning not to step on her when I get out of bed.

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