How Much Can A Bailey Bear Bear.

People often say things are sent to test us and if that’s the case, I want my ‘tester’ to show their face! I know they won’t so I will assume my tester reads this blog and I am going to say it how it is…..

You popped a lump in my boob but you didn’t win because ‘handy man Sam’ found it. You had my good ol’ leftie removed and replaced with Miss Fluff. Yup, I can deal with that too. I dealt with being completely naked making small talk about dogs while getting a hot towel wash from Nurse Sue today. But now, well now I think you might just be pushing the boundary. Today you sunk to a whole new low. There is only so much a person can deal with, smile through and jest about until enough is enough.

Why did you allow Auntie Flo to visit me today? I am only here for another three days. You could have waited, you SHOULD have waited. You have gone too far!

There are only two circumstances where I like a visit from Auntie Flo and boobectimy week is not one of those times. My favourite time for her to visit is during a pregnancy scare. You know what I’m talking about hey? Those few days when she is due to visit but is running late and you check constantly, wishing she’d hurry, unable to think of anyone else but that wonderful Auntie Flo. Feeling bad for all the nasty words you have called her over the years, not appreciating her and BOOM! She’s here! Auntie Flo, my darling Auntie Flo (whoop wooop I’m not pregnant)!

The other time Auntie Flo is a welcome visitor… Well, I think we all know those nights where we just need a good night sleep and the headache excuse doesn’t really cut it…. Auntie Flo is a master is preventing any ‘mummy daddy time’ while she’s hanging around hehe.

So, that is what tester sent to test me but guess what…. I’m in hospital and they are well equipped to look after some one like Auntie Flo.

On a lighter note, I received a very funny and unique delivery today. I was happily Endone dreaming when a nurse came into my room with what looked like those ‘edible bloom boxes’. Have you seen them before? They are like a box/bunch of flowers but instead of flowers they’re chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate bars or even cake pops.  In my special box, I had heaps of the latest store catalogues rolled up with chuppa chups in the tops of the rolled catalogues. This actually did make me laugh so much that ol’ rightie almost popped right off my chest!

You see, my friend IanR at work has taken the catalogues out of his letterbox every week and has then delivered them to me at my desk at work. This has been going on for a few years now and what I am amazed at the most is his wife. She allows, even encourages this behaviour from her husband. They don’t even hide it from their son!  How incredible. Thank you guys.

While I am thanking people, thank you to everyone who has sent so many wonderful messages of fun, encouragement and love. It is a shitty time but boy, the people in my life certainly have made this journey a lot easier. Thanks all for sticking with me and joining me during all this.

I will continue documenting the events of my breast cancer journey and if you are still reading this, you’ll know there isn’t such a thing as a boundary or an off limits section.

Tomorrow I hope to get the results from those studying leftie and her disease to see where I am off to next. Until then, Endone well, oops, I mean, sleep well. Xx

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