Lop Sided

Right, I am now lopsided and doing A OK. But first, let me tell you a little thing about my mum.

When I was younger, now matter my illness, mum would always get me a damp face washer. I could have a migraine, period pain or vomiting and the medical solution from my mum was always the same, a damp face washer. I am almost certain that had I been unlucky enough to break a bone, I would have been given a damp face washer.

Imagine my surprise when I had a slight complication in recovery last night after my boobectimy to be given a bloody damp face washer! I couldn’t believe it. I’d just had a breast removed, tubes going everywhere, attached to a lot of blipping and clunking machines, nurses running around trying to get hold of my surgeon for advice regarding my complication and someone throws a damp face washer on my forehead!

Anyway, I was released from the recovery department two hours later and surprisingly, felt pretty good considering what my body had just been through. It must have been that damp face washer.

Today I learnt a few things. The first thing is that medical people think it is just fine to look down my top and poke around after barely telling me their name. I learnt that if a nurse tells you she is going to help you shower, she actually means she is going to help you shower! My hospital bed will not fold up on me no matter how hard Sam tries to make it happen. Endone is a woooooonderful pain killer.

Tonight I sit in what feels like a hotel room, enjoying some lovely gluten free lollies supplied by Tam, watching TV with my man surrounded by gorgeous flowers from some amazing people in my life and feeling all endonely happy.


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